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Saturday, March 8, 2008

2008 beijing olympics slogan

This article explains a few things about 2008 beijing olympics slogan, and if you're interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don't know.
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The Slogan of the Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing in the year 2008 are a part of the marketing strategies that are taken up for marketing the sports event. The Slogan was announced by the Beijing Olympic committee. The announcement was made on 26th June in the year 2005 which was almost three years before the opening of the games.
The Slogan of the 2008 Summer Olympic Sports that is to be held at Beijing is “One World One Dream” . With this short and simple Slogan the Beijing Olympic committee is trying to invite the world at its doorsteps. The slogan bears the invitation for the entire world to come and join the 2008 Olympic games that is to be held at Beijing in China.
The Olympic Slogan though short and simple bears a greater and bigger message to the world. With this message Beijing is trying to call upon the world to be be a part of the Olympic event which is the greatest and the most prestigious sports event of all times and has completed its centenary recently. The message also include a hope and wish. It calls upon the world to unite in an international sports event like the Olympic to build a better and prosperous future for the humanity. The Slogan was chosen from over 210000 entries that were submitted from all around the world. The slogan One world One dream also speaks about China's dream to be the Host nation for the 2008 Olympic event. According to historical resources China had three wishes. The first among that was to compete in the Olympics which it did for quite sometimes now. The second wish was to win a gold medal in the Olympics and lastly to host the Olympic events. China has already fulfilled the first two wishes and by hosting the 2008 summer Olympic sports event at Beijing China it would also fulfill the third and the last dream.
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