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Monday, January 28, 2008

symbols of olympics

A host of symbols and emblems are associated with the Olympic Games. Considered as one of the most prestigious events in a sportsman's life these symbols are intimately connected with the game and its nuances. Beginning from the rings to the rituals of the game all the events have a meaning and importance of their own. In ancient days olive leaves were woven to form the crown for the winner of a particular game that is because they are one of the most holy things in Greece. These olive leaves carry a lot of importance as Symbols of Olympic. The Olympic rings which are considered the most well known of all the Symbols of Olympic were idealized by Coubertin.
All the five rings represent the continents on planet earth,. As all the nations take an active part in the game, the inter twining of the rings symbolize the unity between the nations. One may wonder as to why there are five rings when there are seven continents. The Americas are considered as a single continent and the continent of Antarctica is left put for it lacks human inhabitation. The background of the flag is white with the five predominant colors of black, yellow, blue, red and green shining bright on the surface. Although adopted in 1914, the Olympic flag is one of the most important Symbols of Olympic.

The motto of the game itself is a proof of the high spirit that the game wishes to generate in all. A Latin phrase which reads “Citius, altius, Fortius” is the official motto of all the Olympic Games. When translated in English it reads “Swifter, higher, Stronger” . The essential spirit of the game is an important part of the Symbols of Olympic. For all it wants to generate in the participants is the zeal to fight well, irrespective of the out come. The Olympic flame is also an essential part of the Symbols of Olympic. This traditional flame is lit in the distant lands of Olympia. Runners from all the participating countries then relay the flame to the hosting nation. The custom of relay has been introduced only recently in the year, 1936.

Many of the countries are also game with the mascot of the Olympics. It is usually an animal or human figure that is chosen as a mascot of the game. The tradition of the mascot of the Olympics was started as early as the 1980s. With the popularization of the Russian bear Misha this too became a part of the Symbols of Olympic. The Olympic mascot is usually a representation of the traditional history and culture of the country. Animated versions of various animals have been used as the mascot of the game since its inception in the 1980s. Great sportsmanship, hard work and diligence have always been the silent Symbols of Olympic. With more and more players getting involved into illicit activities and doping the image of the Symbols of Olympic have faced a major set back. Continuous pressure on the participants from the respective nations and people in general are pushing them further for such activities.

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